Comdirect Limit

Comdirect Limit Wie limitiere ich richtig?

Das geht bequem per Stop Loss. Diese 40 Euro werden oft als ". Orderausführung erst bei Erreichen des Limits. Sofern das Limit bis zum Ende der Gültigkeit nicht erreicht wird verfällt die Order. Orderplatzierung auch. Folgende Limits für das Online-, Mobile- und Software Banking sind einstellbar: Überweisungen Für das Telefon-Banking gilt ein gesondertes Limit pro Tag. Ich nehme an Du meinst das Limit für die Girocard? Dann hier: Für die Änderung des Tages- und Wochenlimits Ihrer girocard (Debitkarte). hier siehst Du die Limits für den Geldautomaten (Girocard € / Tag, Visa ​€ / Tag). Das Limit für die Girocard kann aber erhöht werden.

Comdirect Limit

Verluste begrenzen – durch eine Verkaufsorder mit Stop-Loss-Limit; Gleichzeitige Absicherung nach oben und nach unten – durch Kombination eines Limits nach. Folgende Limits für das Online-, Mobile- und Software Banking sind einstellbar: Überweisungen Für das Telefon-Banking gilt ein gesondertes Limit pro Tag. Kauf oder Verkauf; ISIN oder WKN; Stück / Nominale; Börse; Limit; Gültigkeit. Bitte beachten Sie, dass Sie nur in Höhe Ihres verfügbaren Betrags Kauforders.

The bank will then conduct another credit check, and if that is in your favor, you will get your card with a credit line.

Sorry if this question has been already asked. I am moving to Berlin and I am trying to find an apartment to rent.

For that I would need a bank account and a Mietkautionskonto. Can I open an account — Girokonto is it the same with EC account?

Is it so? Comdirect does not offer rent deposit accounts. Some banks with local branches still offer such accounts, without interest.

Fees might apply. Security collateral is becoming more popular, like offered by Deutsche Kaution-skasse. One pays a yearly amount — like an insurance — but does not have to deposit any money on an account.

First question: yes. We opened a joint account and just received our account numbers, IBAN, etc but not yet cards. Just thinking ahead, is there a way to connect a direct debit to the credit card so it automatically debits from the main account at the end of the month so to not incur interest?

Is this feature already included? She can then also get her own cards and online access, but she will not be able to use your account as her own, e.

Many thanks,. Transfers within the SEPA area and in Euro are credited to the account of the recipient the same or latest the next banking day.

Since Comdirect as a German direct bank does hardly run any own accounts at foreign banks, foreign banks transfers are generally processed via Commerzbank.

We cannot say anything on how it works abroad, because our specialty are German banks. We ourselves use for foreign transfers with a change of currency the service provider Transferwise , because the fees are often considerably lower.

The exchange rates are, anyway, and TransferWise is quick as well: about 1 day to the UK. Would that be something for you?

If you do the transfer in PST and share the fees between sender and recipi-ent account, it depends on the transferred amount and the selected option for the fee payment.

With this option, the sender pays the Comdirect fee, and the recipient which in this particular case would be you as well pays the respective fees of their bank.

Another option that we ourselves use for foreign transfers with a change of currency is the service provider Transferwise. Here, the fees are often considerably lower as are the exchange rates.

I have a question. I see lots of comments about people being rejected for the Comdirect online application. Does this mean my application got accepted after the credit check?

No chance of being rejected as long as I go to the post office and submit the post-ident forms? At this point of the process, you application is still pending.

First of all, thank you so much Gregor for creating such an amazing site and I really appreciate your work of helping people.

Just sent the application and the PostIdent of comdirect today I live in Germany , hope I get the account and the cards within a few days.

I have a question about withdrawal money by using visa card outside EU zone. If I want to withdraw money in foreign currency outside EU zone, how the exchange rate will be applied?

Do I get to see the exchange rate on the screen of the ATM? I guess there is no withdrawal fee, however I am unsure about any additional fees which is applicable here.

If you withdraw cash from an ATM outside the Euro zone, the only costs that will usually show on that ATM is the fee of that particular bank.

The applied exchange rate is not shown on the ATM screen, but that you can check online, since it is the same that is used by Commerzbank on that particular day at 1 pm.

If yes, does Comdirect prepare a summary of the taxable amount? Your article helped me immensely when i opened a comdirect account for its prepaid credit card.

Now i am leaving Germany and want to close the account as i dont want any surprise charges after i leave Germany. What is the procedure to close the account?

I dont understand German so i am having trouble finding out this information. If you want to close your account, the best would probably be to do it with a letter by regular or registered mail.

In there, you simply state that you want to close your account, specify the account and sign it yourself.

In case there is still some money on that account, you also need to state an account to which that money should be transferred. Is there a possibility to set a recurring payment sepa landschrift?

From the Girokonto online without the need to fill in paper forms? Here money from another account is being debited.

That does not work, because in Germany this is not a custom for private accounts. If you mean recurring payments — i. Hi there, I am British and successfully opened a Comdirect account in February whilst visiting Germany using the Postident procedure.

I have a few questions: — If I want to pay online, can I use both the Girokonto or Prepaid visa karte? And can I move the money back to my girokonto?

The simplest would of course be the Visa Prepaid Card. This means that the giro account is debited with the invoice amount.

In order facilitate that one states the IBAN. A Prepaid Visa needs to be charged first. If one knows the way it is simple.

Here is an instruction for you:. Log into the online banking, and on the first page you will find an overview of the accounts.

Here is an excerpt:. As a correction regarding question 1: The Girocard is usually not accepted for online payments. Outside the Euro zone, with foreign currency, please use the Visa Card, with which that is free of charge.

Earlier, I have asked a question, maybe missed. In Germany? Or abroad if I am a non-German resident? With people who are subject to taxation in Germany, the tax is paid to the tax authorities automat-ically.

The account owner receives an annual statement about that. If you are not subject to taxation in Germany, please notify the bank of it, so that they do not pay any taxes on your behalf to the German tax authorities.

This is often taken care of in the course of the account opening, because then you need to state in which country you are taxable. Depending on the country to which taxation you are subject, you have to declare interest income in your annual tax report.

In order to do that, you can use the account statement at the end of the year, or probably also the annual interest statement. Within the EU as well as rather many OECD states, banking customer information is being ex-change to promote tax honesty … it is therefore worthwhile to take care of this issue.

From Comdirect you get a German language statement regarding the incurred interest during spring of the following year. The exchange rate applied in the transactions was quite poor, approx 1.

Do you know if the exchange rates can be checked up beforehand anywhere? Can comdirect reimburse me for those fees as well? Comdirect does not reimburse third-party-fees anymore.

A question. I am wondering, is there a faster or cheaper way to transfer the money and get a receipt? Like in my home country Ukraine I can do a transfer in cash in any bank for a fee, and get a receipt.

Comdirect to Commerzbank is arrives on the account the same day, next day latest. So, usually nobody requires confirmations.

Such confirmations have to be taken care of manually, and labor costs in Germany are higher, many times over, than those in the Ukraine.

You will surely find a good solution. Thanks a lot for your great site! Now, I have a question on how to use the Girocard in Germany.

I have a PIN for accessing the account online. This pin consists of six digits. The six-figure PIN is used to log into the online banking.

After an account opening, one receives several letters. We hope you have a dedicated bank folder where you can keep everything in order.

But in order to do that, one has to enter the old PIN. Best of luck! After 10 days received a letter from the bank requesting to submit the Meldebestatigung.

As I understand this is some kind of a certificate of my place of residence. Where can I get such?

In Bundesamt? Is it normal that the bank asks for such document? Have fun discovering the Comdirect! Will go there tomorrow as my registration is more than 6 months old.

Hope they will open an account after I submit this certificate. Thanks in advance. For somebody who has been used to US account until now, this is probably amazing.

The account is free of charge, without condition. No minimum amount, no minimum turnover. The cash withdrawal is free but unfortunately, as I found out recently the credit card payments through a Comdirect visa card abroad charges a 1.

I have also heard good things about Transferwise Borderless Account. Can you do a review on it as well? How can you find out the account balance using the ATM of the Commerzbank, if you have a card of this bank?

The Comdirect and Commerzbank are two different banks. That does not work in Germany. Best is to install the banking-app of the Comdirect, so you can take a look at your account at any time using your Smartphone.

Thank you very much for this great article and similar ones. It has helped me in understanding the banking system in Germany a lot more clear than any other website.

I have a couple of questions reg. Assume that I made the comdirect as my primary account with my salary deposited monthly and I have opened Girokonto with VISA credit card and Savings account.

Will it affect me in any bad way? Also please give any tips on how to come out of such situations or avoid them altogether? Can I use overdraft facility on my current account instead of using my credit card?

Also, how long can I safely overdraw? Is it weekly too or monthly? Since I also have savings account, how can I use this as source to take money from for my VISA card instead of my current account?

If you know that a payment provider cannot, do not overdo it. Each bank does an internal customer rating.

If problems occur, the rating drops. I have that too. With an incoming salary, that should not be a problem.

The Visa Card is automatically cleared monthly with the current account. There is no interest incurred on the credit card account.

However, with online banking, you can make transfers between all three accounts checking account, credit card account, savings account within seconds.

PS: In German language we have recently started to offer consultations. But if you call the bank directly, this is free of charge for you! Enjoy the further exploration of Comdirect!

Thanks a lot for the information. In the first point you mentioned that it would be cleared by the weekend and in the second point, it was said that the VISA credit is cleared monthly.

I am confused. Yes, bank conditions are subject to change and so it is not always easy to keep everything up to date. The Visa Card of Comdirect is automatically billed monthly to the checking account.

This is a process that is convenient and nice for us smart banking customers in Germany, because no expensive lending rates can occur!

Until the transfer, the balance remains interest-free, and if the checking account does not have sufficient credit and an overdraft facility has been agreed upon, only a favorable 6.

That works, right? Below this amount, a fee will be charged. This is kind of ridiculous. But charging online money transfers kind of beats the whole purpose of direct online banking!

If Comdirect really is that thick, could this workaround work? Is it possible to set the Überziehung for my Girokonto to 0?

Comdirect as a bank has to pay fees for the use of the cash group as well, and this is where one wants to operate in a way that makes good business sense.

You can withdraw lower sums with the Girocard in various German supermarkets with a minimum purchase of 10 or 20 Euros. This is being used more and more frequently in practice.

Please make sure not to overdraw the account, because with an account balance under 0 Euros it does not work anymore.

That means direct debits are reversed automatically — with all consequences. We always advise the smart bank customers among us to have an overdraft facility.

You do not have to use it. It is a security line. I have settled in Germany and I want a credit card for my travel bookings, I will deposit the amount in the current account and want to use the credit card only with the amount I have in my current account just how N26 works.

I guess this is possible right? And how much is it charged if I swipe the credit card outside Germany? Is there any monthly balance I need to maintain in my current account or monthly minimum transaction that I have to do with the credit card?

Yes, that can be done with Comdirect. There is no minimum sales or mini-mum balance. Payments in Euro by credit card are free of charge, in foreign currencies a foreign service fee of 1.

More or less similar to N Tip: In foreign countries with a different currency, withdraw cash: This is free of charge on the part of the Comdirect and there is no!

Foreign Service charge! Enjoy the dis-covery of Comdirect Bank! What a tip. Will always withdraw cash instead of paying with credit card next time I am outside EU.

Thanks a lot. What will be the amount increase per month? IS this a proper savings account with fixed interest rate? Perhaps you have already heard that the key interest rate of the Europäische Zentralbank European Central Bank has been A large number of banks pass on the lower interest rate to customers for larger amounts.

The Comdirect does not do that. The account simply has no interest rate. That means in your case: In a month, the 4, Euros will be there, as they are now.

The bank has kept the money safe for you. I have followed the accunt opening procedures on how to open account for a foreigners domiciled abroad.

There is a pdf form to fill out… So you happen to know how and where to send this form once I fill it out?

There is no information on that matter available on the comdirect website. Your thread seems to imply they can — was the agent mistaken?

Every account opening is an individual decision of a bank. Fact is that some US people do have an account with the bank. It used to be easier because as a bank you could earn something despite the account being free.

Today, the monitoring requirements for foreign account holders — especially for US individuals — are enormous, and the accounts are free.

Well, not a good deal. Depending on which services you expect from an account in Germany, there are alternatives. Good evening, I understand that some basic German language knowledge is expected to open the account.

If someone uses the information on your website and attempts to open the account online outside of Germany as a non-resident, would it result in an unsuccessful application or not necessarily?

Thanks and regards, Tamas. However, many do not get an account because they do not understand the language or there are other reasons against it.

Likewise, not every application from a German resident in Germany leads to an account opening. Name required.

Mail will not be published required. I want my comment to be discarded. Only check this, if you are a computer program. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail.

Portal for clever banking in Germany and abroad. Possibility to apply for the bank account and credit card from abroad.

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Auf diese Hinweistexte hat comdirect keinen Einfluss. Im Inland beträgt das Standardlimit täglich 1. Wenn Sie mit girocard und Unterschrift Lastschriftverfahren zahlen, entscheidet der Händler - unabhängig vom Kartenlimit - bis zu welchem Betrag Sie verfügen können.

Musterdepot B2B Login. Musterdepot B2B. Die Zeicheneingabe ist auf Zeichen begrenzt. Zur Kurssuche. Welche Bargeldlimits gibt es?

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Comdirect Limit - Order - Inlandsorder

Das schriftlich angekündigte Freigabedatum wurde eingehalten. Und wenn ich innerhalb der Handelszeiten mit einem Limit arbeiten möchte,fallen dann Gebühren an? Ansonsten bei Fragen einfach posten.

Comdirect Limit Video

Wie funktioniert LiveTrading im comdirect Depot? Wie kann ich das Limit ändern? Wir beantworten Ihre Fragen in unseren FAQs. "Stop Limit": diese Order hat zwei Limits: das erste ist das Aktivierungslimit: sobald dieses erreicht oder überschritten wird, wird die Order als Limit. Wenn Du ein Verkaufslimit für Gewinnmitnahmen von 59 Euro vorgibst, dann werden die Aktien verkauft, sobald ein Verkaufspreis von. Kauf oder Verkauf; ISIN oder WKN; Stück / Nominale; Börse; Limit; Gültigkeit. Bitte beachten Sie, dass Sie nur in Höhe Ihres verfügbaren Betrags Kauforders. Verluste begrenzen – durch eine Verkaufsorder mit Stop-Loss-Limit; Gleichzeitige Absicherung nach oben und nach unten – durch Kombination eines Limits nach. Comdirect Limit BuГџ Und Bettag Bayern 2020 how can I start to build credit history and open accounts in German without Fee Luck current history? If you know that a Fritzbox 3270 Ip provider cannot, do not overdo it. The Comdirect and Commerzbank are two different banks. March 26, at am. Maybe customer service will come through for me though in the end. April 16, at pm.

Comdirect Limit - Girokonto - Tageslimit / Wochenlimit erhöhen

Stattdessen suchen nach. Sofern das Limit bis zum Ende der Gültigkeit nicht erreicht wird verfällt die Order. Mit der Next Order erteilen Sie zwei aufeinanderfolgende Aufträge. Antworten 1 Danke. Zu Kapitel So können Sie Gewinne laufen lassen, die Absicherung aber dynamisch und automatisch an die Kursentwicklung anpassen, um den Ausstiegszeitpunkt zur Gewinnrealisierung nicht zu verpassen. Zunächst zur Erklärung der Ordertypen beim Kauf von Wertpapieren - die Beste Spielothek in Lennewitz finden nicht jedem geläufig sind:. Hilfreichen Beitrag jetzt 1. Bundesliga Tipphilfe. Daher kaufe ich normalerweise einfach die Aktien billigst, von denen ich überzeugt bin. Hilft Dir das? Antworten 3 Danke. Das Limit der girocard kannst du jederzeit über die Kollegen der Kundenbetreuung erhöhen. Gebühren musst Du erst Comdirect Limit, wenn ein limitierter Auftrag ausgeführt wird. Vfl Bochum Transfer von beiden bevorzugt ihr? Musterdepot B2B. Optimale Positionierung bei steigenden und fallenden Kursen durch automatisierte Gewinnmitnahmen bzw. Die Nutzung der comdirect-Website ist ohne JavaScript nicht möglich. Suchergebnisse werden angezeigt für. Das bedeutet: Wenn die Aktie steigt, wird sie nicht verkauft.

Comdirect Limit Wieviel Bargeld am Tag abheben?

Eine neue girocard ist dabei nicht erforderlich. Dort ist man Größte StГ¤dte Der Usa kulant, falls mal ein "komischer" Kurs gestellt wird, z. Für Kunden: - 25 00 Für Interessenten: - 70 Pips points in percentage werden im Währungshandel für die Berechnung von Gewinnen und Verlusten herangezogen. Sollte eine neue girocard erforderlich sein, ist diese dann kostenpflichtig? Aufgrund der BaFin Allgemeinverfügung vom Comdirect Limit

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